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FVS Spring 2017 Course List

Middle School Courses

English Language Arts
ELA 6A & 6B
ELA 7A & 7B
ELA 8A & 8B

​Math 6A​ & 6B
Math 7A7B
Math 8A8B


World Languages
Spanish 7A & 7B
Spanish 8A & 8B


High School Courses

English Language Arts
9th Grade Literature & Composition AB
10th Grade Literature & Composition AB
11th Grade Literature & Composition A B
12th Grade English Lit. & Composition A & B
12th Grade World Literature
12th Grade Multicultural Literature
AP English Literature & Composition
AP English Language & Composition

FVS Algebra 1 A & B
FVS Geometry AB
FVS CCGSE Pre-Calculus AB
FVS Algebra 2A & 2B
FVS Accelerated Geometry A & B
FVS Accelerated Algebra I/Geometry A A & B 
FVS Accelerated Geometry B/Algebra II A & B
FVS Accelerated CCGSE Pre-Calculus A B
Advanced Math Decision Making A & B
FVS Math of Finance A & B

Social Studies
American Government
World History AB
U.S. History AB
AP Human Geography
AP World History

Health and Physical Education
General Health
Personal Fitness

Career and Technical Education (CTE)
Entrepreneurship AB
Intro Business & Technology AB
Intro Healthcare Science AB
Intro Digital Technology AB

Earth Science 6A & 6B
Life Science 7A & 7B
Physical Science 8A 8B

Social Studies
World Studies 6A & 6B
World Studies 7A & 7B
Georgia Studies 8A & 8B



Biology A & B
Physical Science AB
Environmental Science AB
Chemistry AB
Physics AB
AP Environmental Science

Sign Language
American Sign Language I AB
American Sign Language II A & B

World Languages
Spanish I A B
Spanish II A & B
Spanish III AB
Chinese I AB
Chinese II AB
French I AB
French II AB
French III AB
German I AB
German II AB
Latin I AB
Latin II AB