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Business Partners


How do I become a Business Partner?

The school system welcomes and encourages organizations to partner with schools to support student outcomes.  Organizations desiring to establish partnerships with local schools must first seek approval from the local school principal.  Working collaboratively, the organization and local school principal must design the parameters of the partnership and establish goals.  Each local school partnership should include:

  • Partnership goals for the school and partner organization
  • Resources to be provided by the organization and the school
  • How the partnership supports school strategic plan initiatives
  • A completed Annual Partnership Agreement which includes the signatures of the principal and partner representative

In Fulton, partnerships have three distinct areas:

  • Partners In Education (which can include mentors, guest speakers, volunteers, etc.)
  • Education Funders (which may include Teacher/Staff Appreciation, materials for school clubs)
  • Boosters

To learn more about each of these areas, and to see Best Practices and additional information, click the links below: 

FCS Partnerships General Information

Organizations Seeking to Establish Partnerships

Annual Partnership Agreement

When your business, civic group or faith organization partners with the district, a school or a classroom, your contributions of time, talent or financial support help Fulton County Schools achieve its goal to ensure all students are successful.

For questions specific to partnerships in Fulton, contact Samantha Maxey for more information on how you can get involved.


Partnership Versus Donation

There is a significant difference between a donation and a partnership:

A donation is a financial transaction between a company and an education organization, often one-time in nature, that may require some degree of reporting on the part of the education partner.

A partnership, on the other hand, has clearly shared and defined visions, goals and outcomes that build upon each other's strengths and strengthen each other's weaknesses. It can be challenging at times because it involves sustaining personal relationships as the work becomes increasingly complex and staff changes occur.





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