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New to Fulton Schools

community_family.jpgAre you new to Fulton County or considering a move to the area? 

There is no doubt that Fulton County is a vibrant, exciting and desirable place to live, work and play. As the heart of the state, Fulton County continues to attract new residents, new businesses, and corporate relocations.

There also is no doubt that the quality of each Fulton County school plays a primary role in our success. Ask any real estate agent what the number one criteria is for their buyers and they will quickly respond, “great schools.”

So, why are Fulton County Schools so good and so respected? Here are a few reasons why:

We challenge our students. Our curriculum is tough -- and our kids rise to the high expectations. In elementary school, students learn the basic reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic, but they also learn how to study and how to comprehend. They aren’t allowed to be unmotivated. Our Continuous Achievement philosophy means they can fly as high as their brains will allow. This means that when they get to middle school, they are ready to take classes that are only offered at the high school level in other school districts. And, once they move to high school, many of our students are actually earning college credit through the abundance of Advanced Placement offerings we provide.

We are innovative. School today is nothing like the school most parents attended. That’s because students today are unlike any other generation. Today’s youth are growing up in an environment that none of us could have ever imagined. They think differently, they process information differently, and they are exposed to more facts, figures and messages. In Fulton, we have invested significantly in technology because it is a tool that is allowing us to better educate our children. Interactive white boards, tablets and other technology pilots are bringing a whole new dimension to the learning environment. And, virtual learning means we can reach out at any time and any place.

We hire the best. Great schools have great teachers. They come from the best colleges and universities in the nation, and like you, they want to be associated with a school system that earned its reputation for excellence. We challenge our teachers, just as we challenge our students. And we hold them accountable. In return, we pay them a good salary and provide outstanding benefits. We are the best, and we hire the best.

We believe school buildings should support student learning. Take at look at any of our schools. You will not find cinder-block warehouses. You will find buildings that were designed for kids. They have the infrastructure needed to support today’s technological classroom, they have wide halls and a quality design that accommodates class sizes. And they look nice, as well. A school is a very large building. We believe it should be an asset to a community, not an eyesore.

We have strong community support. Community involvement is a cornerstone of Fulton’s success. We have hundreds of business partners as well as the Fulton Educational Foundation that provides additional financial support. We have Chambers of Commerce that welcome us. We have strong teacher and community advisory councils. But, most importantly, we have involved parents.

What we have found is that if you have the best parents, the best staff, the best programs, and the best facilities, you will have the best students. And that is what we celebrate in Fulton County Schools.