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School Councils

The Fulton County School System embraces the involvement of parents and community in decision making. The school system supports a three-tier organization that begins with input on the local school level progressing to the cluster and ending at the Superintendent's level of advisory councils.

Advisory Sturcutre 

School Advisory Councils (LSAC)
School councils mandated in recent state legislation bear a similarity to the school advisory committees formed by the system in 1987. Like Fulton's LSACs, the new councils bring parent, business, and community involvement to every school in the state. These organizations provide for ongoing two-way communication to improve school performance. By law, the councils provide input on issues including:

  • Curriculum
  • School codes of conduct and dress
  • School calendar
  • School budget priorities including capital improvement plans
  • Extracurricular activities in the school
  • School-based and community services
  • Recommendations concerning school board policies
  • Preparation and distribution of school profile to the community
  • Strategies for improving communication between school and community
  • Methods for reporting information to parents and communities
  • Receiving and reviewing reports from the school principal regarding progress toward the school's goals
  • Recommendation for filling the school's principal vacancy, when necessary

For further information about advisory councils, contact your local school.

Cluster Advisory Councils (CAC)
Fulton County builds a sense of community through its school clusters. Each cluster includes a high school and its middle and elementary feeder schools. Each school's principal and parent representative meet five times a year to discuss community issues and plan activities that lead to a successful K-12 school experience. A community member serves as chairman of the CAC and represents the interests of the school community at the systemwide level of discussion with the Superintendent.

Superintendent's Parent Council (SPC)
To bring a systemwide perspective to education issues, the CAC chairman serves on the Superintendent's Parent Council. This group meets with the Superintendent ​five times a year and provides community leadership to all levels of advisory councils.​