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​School Strategic Planning 


​​The School Strategic Plan (SSP) establishes the long-term outcomes and short-term goals for a school. ​The SSP is developed collaboratively by the principal, the school's leadership team and faculty, and the School Governance Council. Approving the SSP is one of the key responsibilities of a School Governance Council.

All Fulton County schools will develop or revise their current SSP to focus and align to the 4 focus areas of the new Fulton County district plan, FCS District Plan​, in the 2017-18 school year.  It will take approximately 5 months and include multiple processes: looking at data (environmental scan and organizational assessment), setting outcomes and goals, developing strategic initiatives, and establishing a monitoring plan. Through the SSP process, a school prioritizes its goals and work for the next few years, allowing it to shift resources to prioritized initiatives. FCS charter system schools must first complete the SSP before submitting Requests for Flexibility (RFFs).

Current School SSPs can be found on their school websites, which can be found under the Councils tab, and then Schools by Learning Community tab above. Currently all schools now have SSPs.  Work sessions for schools to develop and revise their SSP will take place on the following dates and locations.


School Strategic Planning Dates for the 2017-18 school year are as follows:

Student Achievement Session 10am-4pm

October 16th- South Learning Community and Achievement Zone- South Fulton Library  

October 18th- Northwest Learning Community- Milton Public Library

October 19th- Northeast Learning Community- Alpharetta Public Library

October 23rd- Central Learning Community- North Learning Center

People & Culture and Community Collaboration Session

November 13th- South Learning Community and Achievement Zone (10-12:30pm)/Central Learning Community (1:30-4pm)- South Fulton Library

November 15th-​​ Northwest Learning Community(10-12:30pm)/Northeast Learning Community (1:30-4pm)-Alpharetta Public Library

Fiscal Responsibility Session

January 24th- Northwest Learning Community(10-12:30pm)/Northeast Learning Community(1:30-4pm)-Milton Public Library

January 29th- Central Learning Community(10-12:30pm)/South Learning Community and Achievement Zone(1:30-4pm)- Wolf Creek Public Library