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SGC Principal Feedback


​As a School Governance Council member, one of your responsibilities is to provide annual feedback on the school's principal.  This link (SGC Principal Feedback) will take you to the SGC Principal Feedback Instrument on Survey Monkey.  You will complete the survey individually, not as a full Council.  The instrument has 10 multiple choice questions with an option to provide commentary after each question.  More detailed instructions are provided on the first page of the survey.


Below, you will find guidance regarding specific questions or concerns you may have regarding Principal Feedback.  If you have additional questions, please contact Korynn Schooley at schooleyk@fultonschools.org or 470.254.3604.



Principal Feedback Guidance


Is this Principal Feedback Instrument completed for all school administrative staff or just our Principal?

This instrument should be completed for your principal ONLY.


How should this be completed and when is it due?

The instrument should be completed in Survey Monkey by April 3, 2015.  This is to be done individually by each Council member. 


Can I share this link with others in my school community?

Please DO NOT share this link with those outside of your Council.  This survey is specific to your role as a Governance Council member.  There are several district and state sponsored opportunities for others to share feedback about your principal. 


Will our principal know how individual Council members scored the instrument?

No. Once all Council members have completed the survey, results will be aggregated such that the principal (and Area Superintendent) only see the combined results.  All comments will be made available in the survey report with the associated survey question, but they will not be attributed to any individual.


How will the results of this instrument be shared with our Principal?

Area Superintendents will share the aggregated reports with principals during end-of-year conferences. Area Superintendents may use the feedback to inform on-going professional development for your principal. 


Will anyone else, other than our Area Superintendent and principal, see the completed instrument?

Your Area Superintendent will be provided with the survey results and s/he will share it with your principal. It is possible that additional individuals, in district supervisory roles, such as the Area Executive Director, will also see the results.  

Click the link below to begin your Principal Feedback Survey. 


SGC Principal Feedback