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Welcome to the Request for Flexibility (RFF) Resources page. The RFF proposal is a public document describing a school's requested waiver(s) from district and/or state law or policy in order to implement a strategic effort within the school.


2016-17 RFF Instructions and Templates

Provided below are the links to instructions, forms and proposals needed to submit an RFF during the 2016-17 approval cycle. We strongly encourage you to review the Overview and Instructions before beginning the process.  

  • RFF Schedule: A quick overview of deadlines.
  • On​line Training Slides (Coming Soon): Coming Soon! A high level overview of the RFF phases, requirements and deadlines.  
  • Overview and Instructions:  A detailed description of the Request for Flexibility process and timeline.
  • Interest Form: A summary of the concept (aligned to strategic plan) that requires a waiver of district and/or state law or policy.
  • RFF Proposal:  An explanation of the proposed concept, its alignment with the strategic plan, any waivers being requested, anticipated impact, and budget.
  • Renewal Interest Form (Cohort 1 Schools Only): A brief form notifying the district of existing RFFs that the school would like to renew. 
  • Renewal Proposal (Cohort 1 Schools ONLY): A brief form outlining the case for the renewal of an existing RFF. 
  • Post Public Comment Form: A record of the activities during the 30-day Public Comment period and the final Council vote on the Request for Flexibility.


Public Comment Resources

A major component of the RFF process is the 30-day public comment period during which the School Governance Council (SGC) invites parents, staff, students and community members to provide feedback on the proposed RFF. We have highlighted a number of examples of community outreach from current SGCs to help you in this process.


Additional Resources