​​​​​Provided below are the links to instructions, forms, and proposals needed to submit an RFF during the 2017-18 approval cycle. We strongly encourage you to review the Overview and Instructions, the RFF schedule, and help guides before beginning the process. 


Overview and Instructions: The following document gives general instructions and information on the Request for Flexibility process.

2017-18 RFF Schedule: An overview of the timeline, phases, requirements, and deadlines for submitting and RFF.  ​

RFF Automated Form Help GuideThis help guide assists with the process of using the automated online RFF form.  

PDF and editing an RFF form: This help guide assists with editing and making changes to the automated RFF form.  In addition, this guide assists with creating a PDF of the automated form for posting to a school's website.

RFF Automated Form:  The window has closed to submit and automated RFF.  For any questions, please contact the School Governance and Flexibility Department.

View and Edit Pending Requests​The following link allows access to saved and submitted forms.  Click here if you have started a form and saved to return later.  (Note: You must use your Fulton County email credentials to log in and access the form.)​

Post Public Comment Form: The Post Public Comment form is now embedded into the automated RFF form.  There is no need for separate documents.  The Post Public Comment form will become available in the automated form after it has gone through the vetting process and been approved for posting for public comment.


Public Comment Resources

A major component of the RFF process is the 30-day public comment period during which the School Governance Council (SGC) invites parents, staff, students and community members to provide feedback on the proposed RFF. We have highlighted a number of examples of community outreach from current SGCs to help you in this process.

Checklists and Scripts: Public Comment Checklist, Council meeting script and Council meeting handout will keep you on track.

Sample Announcements: Check out Holcomb Bridge's website and Centennial's letter sharing the public comment process.

Sample Feedback Forms: Here are some examples of feedback forms using Google Doc (Cambridge), flyer (Medlock Bridge) and paper form (Shakerag)

Sample Q&As: Shakerag SGC and Centennial SGC created Q&A documents to answer commonly asked questions regarding their proposed RFFs.


Additional RFF Information

Universal Personal Fitness Waiver Guidance​​