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For convenience and easy access, this page lists the documents and materials publicly communicated during Fulton County Schools' nearly two-year Charter System exploration process. 

These documents can also be accessed at our BoardDocs site which provides the public greater access to information that Board Members use to make decisions.

Fulton County Schools Charter System Application
Submitted December 1, 2011 to Georgia Department of Education

Charter System Board Presentation, October 2011
Report to Fulton County Board of Education highlighting impact of October Town Hall meetings and describing next steps toward submitting the application to Georgia Department of Education in December

Charter System Summary Paper
Summary document created to accompany the October 2011 Town Hall Presentation and provide more details on why Fulton is considering the Charter System model, what may change, how such a system would be managed, and a timeframe for potential implementation

October 2011 Town Hall Presentation (with Voiceover)
Presentation given at the three Town Hall meetings in October 2011, at Milton Center (10/3/11), Lake Forest ES (10/4/11), and Westlake HS (10/6/11)

Charter System Board Presentation, June 2011
Report to Fulton County Board of Education discussing the continuation of the Charter System Exploration process in the 2011-2012 school year

Charter System Board Presentation, January 2011
Report to Fulton County Board of Education on Fall 2010 Charter System Exploration progress, including details from the community forums, student focus groups, and meetings with principals, teachers, and staff

Fall 2010 Community Forum Presentation
(with Voiceover)
Presentation given at the seven community forums in October and November 2010, at Johns Creek HS (10/18/10), Westlake HS (10/19/10), Roswell HS (10/27/10), Milton Center (11/3/10), Creekside HS (11/4/10), and Riverwood International Charter HS (11/11/10)