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Digital Media Arts Program - Design of digital media arts course and incorporation into visual arts curriculum for Kindergarten through fifth grade.

$199,647SouthElementaryFY 15 Awards

21st Century Teaching and Learning - Execution of effective 21st century learning and teaching through creation of inspired classrooms.

$117,668SouthElementaryFY 15 Awards

Alternative to Out-of-School Suspension - Onsite school-based alternative suspension program to provide students with personalized instructional support enhanced by technology; targeted guidance counseling support; and instruction in 21st century skills curriculum.

$152,918SouthMiddleFY 15 Awards

Sandtown STEAM Model - Implement STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) model through a stronger focus on technology and the integration of STEAM concepts in classrooms.

$135,364SouthMiddleFY 15 Awards

SAT Preparation - Public-private partnership with Applerouth Tutoring Services that prepares students for the SAT.

$74,844SouthHighFY 15 Awards

Come WEST - Come WEST (Working toward Excellence through Studying and Teamwork) has two components: Come WEST8 is a yearlong program in which 8th grade students from feeder middle schools take Honors 9th grade Literature & Composition and Coordinate Algebra for high school credit.  Come WEST9 is a 3-4 week summer intensive available to all rising 9th grade students in which students take rigorous course in English, Math, and College and Career Readiness.

$104,505SouthHighFY 15 Awards

Schoolwide Enrichment Model  - Provide a daily 50-minute enrichment period for all students during which students will participate in Project Based Learning (PBL) based on science and social studies units during which students will learn higher level thinking strategies, engage in collaborative problem-solving, and develop deeper understanding of skills and concepts.

$147,684NorthwestElementaryFY 15 Awards

Full STEAM Ahead - Incorporating a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) framework to increase learning outcomes for students by adding a 45-minute STEAM time block into each grade's schedule, during which students will engage in project-based learning lessons and activities centered around the STEAM framework.

$147,558NorthwestElementaryFY 15 Awards

Professional Development: Investing in Our Staff - Deliver a systematic program for professional development (PD) built around the three focus areas of curriculum, instructional strategies and collaboration. The PD will leverage best-in-class experts who lecture, utilize modeling, small group observations and other individualized approaches. The PD will increase the collaborative initiatives, both vertical and lateral, to incorporate data-driven instruction and analysis across subject areas.

$47,000NorthwestElementaryFY 15 Awards

Science Lab: Investing in Our Students - Create a laboratory in which integrated sciences lessons and experiments will allow students to synthesize skills learned in all disciplines.Students will have the opportunity to design investigations, engage in scientific reasoning, manipulate equipment, record data, analyze results, and discuss their findings.

$87,758NorthwestElementaryFY 15 Awards

Transportation: Investing in Our Families - Support student achievement through increased family engagement among parents who are not typically engaged by providing these parents transportation to school events such as: Open House, Curriculum Night, Parent Workshops, Curriculum Showcase, Volunteer Day.

$5,000NorthwestElementaryFY 15 Awards

Tomorrow Begins Today - Support student achievement through increased family engagement among parents who are not typically engaged by providing these parents transportation to school events such as: Open House, Curriculum Night, Parent Workshops, Curriculum Showcase, Volunteer Day.

$114,116NorthwestHighFY 15 Awards

TAG Endorsement - Obtain TAG (Talented and Gifted) endorsement for all classroom teachers to allow for flexibility in the instructional schedule and gifted delivery model; equip the teaching staff to challenge all students at the appropriate levels; and increase the rigor of instruction to improve student achievement.

$125,751NortheastElementaryFY 15 Awards
Midas - Assess all students using the MIDAS (Multiple Intelligences Development Assessment Scale) to help students and teachers develop a deeper understanding of students' abilities. MIDAS demonstrates to students how to use strengths and weaknesses, boosts self-esteem and risk-taking, and motivates students to learn more and to learn deeply.
$2,500NortheastElementaryFY 15 Awards

TAG Endorsement - Provide TAG (Talented and Gifted) endorsement for all teachers prepare them to implement project and inquiry-based learning in the classroom to improve students' critical thinking.

$70,622NortheastElementaryFY 15 Awards
UCONN Confratute & Renzuli - Provide teachers professional development through the Renzuli program to prepare teachers to engage students through deep and critcal thinking and hands-on learning.
$31,150NortheastElementaryFY 15 Awards

Materials - Create enrichment cluster model classes to extend student learning and increase student engagement. Students Kindergarten through fifth grade will participate in enrichment activities using tabgible teaching materials. Programs will be determined based on student and teacher interest, and business partner participation.

$6,000NortheastElementaryFY 15 Awards

Interdisciplinary/STEM Learning - Implement an interdisciplinary educational model that conciously applies methodology and language for multiple content areas to examine a relevant central theme. Implementation will begin with a pilot of an interdisciplinary program, Odyssey of Discovery. The program uses expeditionary learning strategies which challenge students to think critically adn take an active role in their communities, resulting in higher achievement and greater engagement in school.

$161,532NortheastMiddleFY 15 Awards

Fair and Appropriate Fitness Training for Female Students - Expand Centennial's fitness capabilities to offer a wider range of options to female students in order to raise participation rates in elective classes by the female population and to create a better-rounded, positive atmosphere for all students.

$10,330NortheastHighFY 15 Awards

Tranforming the Media Center into a 21st Century Learning Commons - Transform the Media Center into a model 21st Century Learning Commons, creating new learning and teaching spaces that leverage students' current technology savvy; encourage and support personalized learning opportunities; and provide a true hub for educational innovations.

$189,778NortheastHighFY 15 Awards

Dean of Students/Testing Coordinator - Creation and hiring of a new position, a full-time Dean of Students/Testing Coordinator responsible for planning, organizing, and overseeing the administration of all state-mandated and academic testing at Northview High School. A dedicated Dean of Students will assume work currently being done by the counseling and administrative staff, allowing them to focus efforts on student support.

$70,608NortheastHighFY 15 Awards

Health Sciences Program - Outfit a state-of-the-art Physical and Sports Medicine program that will offer Northview students the opportunity to take classes in a field of high interest. Physical medicine classes will be implemented utilizing partnerships with the local medical community.

$46,610NortheastHighFY 15 Awards

Stem Initiative - Woodland aims to become Fulton County's first STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)-certified Elementary School. The STEM initiative will be implemented by development of a STEM lab with the necessary materials, technology and space to accommodate and facilitate activities such as engineering design, experimentation adn problem solving.

$198,833CentralElementaryFY 15 Awards

Stem Enrichment and Instructional Lab - Improve collaborative STEM (Science, Technoloyg, Engineering and Math) instruction for students and teachers through focused professional development and creation of a STEM Instructional Lab.

$106,970CentralElementaryFY 15 Awards

PDWMS Technology Project - Provide student response systems for all students to encourage and enhance active learning through differentiated instruction. The systems will allow teachers to access student learning and progress instantaneously, and engage disengaged students in unprecedented ways.

$130,000CentralMiddleFY 15 Awards

Recovery - Implement the Riverwood Recovery Program to help struggling students to graduate on time with their cohort. The program will be offered at both Riverwood and McClarin High Schools.

$10,160CentralHighFY 15 Awards

International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program - Preparation and application to become an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program School to be allow students to begin an IB program in elementary school, as the IB curriculum is already available in the feeder middle and high schools.

$153,450CentralElementaryFY 15 Awards

Project Based Learning - Launch Project Based Learning Initiative including professional development and design of expeditionary learning curriculum.

$200,066CentralElementaryFY 16 Awards

International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme - Support the Candidacy phase of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program including coordination and training.

$133,461CentralElementaryFY 16 Awards

​International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme - Launch the candidacy phase of the International Baccalaureate School Primary Years Programme including creation of transdisciplinary units and professional development.

$178,304CentralElementaryFY 16 Awards
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