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Digital Repository



Digital Repository Implementation for 2013 - 2014

​An independently managed web-based, content-neutral solution (SYSTEM) to provide the strategic management and delivery of digital learning resources and media for students and teachers across the district.

Completed 4th Qtr 2014

Approximately $2,582,900 has been earmarked for this program


Safari Montage

SAFARI Montage provides a fully integrated Digital Learning Platform, including a Learning Object Repository, Video Streaming Library, and IPTV & Live Media Streaming for all schools K – 12. This resources provides access to students, and staff at home and at school and supports personalized learning. 


​The video streaming library provides access to students and staff to over 12,000 videos and 35,000 images, audio files, eBooks, interactive files, documents, and web links from many prominent publishers, such as Schlessinger Media, Reading Rainbow, PBS, the History Channel, Scholastic and many more. For the period July 2014 (launch date) to November 2015, there have been 483,712 plays for all schools (K – 12).  In other words, almost half a million curricula-content video segments clips have been accessed through the Safari Montage platform.

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​The Learning Object Repository (LOR) is a place where teachers and staff can create, upload and store user-created digital learning resources. The LOR allows users to manage and access their learning objects and digital resources and perform searches by grade level, subject, standard and other search terms. This allows teachers to personalize learning for students.

​IPTV and Live Media Streaming offers a server-based digital media delivery and management system. Schools can access both live and recorded television and on-demand digital resources. Fulton Tube is the school system’s version of YouTube providing schools the ability to publish videos for the community. Many schools use IPTV to broadcast student-produced, school news programs. The technical capabilities of Safari Montage enable schools to stream events live with the iPad and record and upload student programs for on demand viewing within the FCS network.

​The Digital Learning Platform, the Digital Curriculum Presenter, is a platform teachers can use to complete digital curriculum, lessons and the playback of videos, images, documents and web links.  The Digital Learning Platform includes the classroom lesson presentation interface for teachers and students, lesson and course builder for curriculum developers. This platform was utilized to deliver professional learning, Designing a Virtual Learning Commons, to the Media and Educational Technology Instructors during the 2014 – 2015 school year