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21st Century Skills/Interactive Projects

21st Century Skills and Interactive projects provide an opportunity for student  engagement with various technologies and approaches to learning.

Promethean Board Support Project

​The CIPP Promethean Board Support Project aims to acquire a Vendor that can provide overall maintenance, repair, and ongoing support of existing central display technology in within FCS schools. The selected Vendor shall provide blanket warranty coverage for FCS’s currently installed Promethean boards, and the associated projector technology for these boards. The scope of coverage is for existing equipment, and shall include break/fix support, equipment maintenance, and helpdesk assistance.

2nd Qtr 2016
Classroom Interactive Projector Feasibilty Survey

​The CIPP Classroom Projector Feasibilty Survey Project entails contracting with a qualified vendor to conduct a system-wide, instructional unit survey to determine individual classroom readiness for a mounted, interactive projector solution. The results of this survey will be used to map out a plan which shall provide the foundation for installing new interactive projectors into school instructional units.

Completed 1st Qtr 2014
Classroom Interactive Project Hardware and Support

​After the completion of a district wide feasibility study, phase one of the interactive projector project commenced. This initial effort resulted in the installation of approximately 3,100 new projectors in classrooms that did not have them. This phase of the project completed 4th Qtr of 2015.

Phase two will provide a projector refresh in classrooms with mounted projectors that are deemed unrepairable or legacy technology during the 2015-2016 school year.

Phase 1 Complete 4th Qtr 2015;  Phase 2 - 3rd Qtr 2016

Approximately $9,941,390 has been earmarked for this program