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We live in a dynamic world surrounded by endless amounts of information. Many parents and educators agree that students must be able to effectively use technology to be competitive in the workplace after graduation.

This year, Fulton County Schools is increasing the use of technology – both in and out of the classroom. Innovative technology not only provides access to information, but it also provides a “mobile” classroom.  While technology is no replacement for an inspiring teacher, the use of mobile devices expands student access to the teacher and makes materials far more available. It also allows teachers to track students’ progress instantly.

Technology can provide financial savings by providing curricular updates that aren’t tied to the replacement of old textbooks. The 24/7 access of technology also allows students to collaborate with others around the globe.  Using modern technology they can make audio/visual presentations, create websites or blogs, record/edit spoken word demonstrations, create digital photography or a video, compose digital music, run a class newspaper or even manage a web-based school radio or TV station.


Here are just a few ways Fulton County Schools has expanded technology ...

School Wireless Upgrade Project
Infrastructure: School Network & Wireless Improvements, and VoIP

An implementation to refresh legacy school wireless infrastructure equipment with modern equivalents for increased capacity and improved performance in support of additional mobile devices on the FCS network.

Completed 2nd Qtr 2014
Digital Repository Implementation for 2013 - 2014
Digital Repository

​An independently managed web-based, content-neutral solution (SYSTEM) to provide the strategic management and delivery of digital learning resources and media for students and teachers across the district.

Completed 4th Qtr 2014
Classroom Interactive Project Hardware and Support
Classrooms Interactive Projectors

​After the completion of a district wide feasibility study, phase one of the interactive projector project commenced. This initial effort resulted in the installation of approximately 3,100 new projectors in classrooms that did not have them. This phase of the project completed 4th Qtr of 2015.

Phase two will provide a projector refresh in classrooms with mounted projectors that are deemed unrepairable or legacy technology during the 2015-2016 school year.

Phase 1 Complete 4th Qtr 2015;  Phase 2 - 3rd Qtr 2016
Certified Teacher & Staff E-Series Refresh for 2014
Teacher & Staff PC Refresh
A district-wide refresh of 4,000 laptops for teaching staff across the county.
Completed 3rd Qtr 2014
New Teacher Celebration 2015
Teacher and Staff PC Refresh

​The district distributed 1,000 new laptops to newly hired teachers across the district.

Completed 3rd Qtr 2015

SPLOST enhances the use of technology for student learning with:

  • Mobile learning devices for use in all schools

  • Updated video and audio recording tools

  • Improved and expanded distance learning for students

  • Virtual space for digital student work, such as publications, presentations, video and audio

  • Contemporary communication and collaboration tools

  • Interactive classroom websites with curriculum resources and assignments

  • Updated equipment for technology and career-focused classes

  • Online student assessment allowing immediate results

  • Regularly updated computing devices for teachers

  • Digital projectors that act as interactive whiteboards on any surface

  • Classroom tools for student engagement, such as student response devices

  • Teacher/student communication and collaboration tools that are accessible at any time, at any place

  • Online professional learning resources for staff which saves money in travel time and substitute teaching expenses


Check out the device roll-out at Holcombe Bridge MS!

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