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Highway 9 Roswell Elementary School Site

Project Description

West Roswell Elementary is the next generation of the new, multi-story elementary school prototypes designed for the Fulton County Board of Education. This prototype was developed to specifically address the limited availability of large land parcels within the county. The compact plan organization offers the same programmatic spaces and site amenities found in other Fulton County Elementary School prototypes but within the constraints of a smaller footprint.

On this site, the school is organized in a linear east-west direction with K-5 classrooms stacked within the west wing and core functions - Media Center, Music, Gymnasium, Cafetorium and Administrative Suites - stacked at the east end of the building. This stacking organization creates a vertical column of core spaces which can be isolated from the classroom spaces for after-school and community-use functions.

The simple linear organization makes the layout of the school less confusing to young children and provides good visual observation for administration and staff. Concurrently, the organization of the school is designed to introduce natural light within the corridors and within each classroom.

The exterior material selections include brick veneer, metal and cast stone trim providing excellent long-term durability against the effects of weather while offering the community a building that is low in maintenance and timeless in design.

Project Details

•Total Site Area + 14.3 Acres

• Cabinets and a Sink in Every Classroom

•Windows w/ Thermal Glazing

• Individual Toilet Rooms for Kindergarten and First Grade

• Building Size - 124,527 S.F. to support an FTE of 850

• 5 Toilet Batteries Plus Visitor Toilets with a core designed to allow expansion to an FTE of 1000

• Steel Frame Structure with Brick Veneer Exterior

• Energy Efficient HVAC with Individual Control at Each Classroom

• 48 Regular Classrooms

• Fully Air Conditioned building

• 11 Special Purpose Classrooms

• Cafetorium and Music Suite with Performance Area and Specialized computer classroom

• Full Kitchen

• Media Center

• A large Grassed Play Area for a Total of 2.0 Acres

• Gymnasium

• Covered Entries at the Bus Loading and Parent Pick-Up

• 2 Age Appropriate Exterior Play Structures

• Combination Metal Roof with Modified Bitumen Roof System- 20 Year Warranty

• 10,000 S.F. Concrete Play Pad

• Storage Rooms at Every Classroom

• 5 Computer Outlets in Every Classroom

• State-of-the Art Fire Alarm, Energy Management and Computer Network Accessed for Service Systems

Project Status

 Construction in progress with at Summer 2015 completion date.  School will be used as a temporary home for Esther Jackson ES unitil Summer 2016.



Project Resources

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Progress Photos

Project Contacts

Architect:  Collins, Cooper, Carusi

General Contractor: Evergreen