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Capital Plan 2022

Using industry best-practice forecasting models, the District has developed a tentative budget based on projected SPLOST revenues.​

Projected Revenue
SPLOST V Revenue Projections*​$976,291,998
Projected Expenditures
Furniture & Equipment​​$42,000,000
Safety & Security​$17,500,000
Transportation ​$39,500,000
Debt Service and Other Long Term Obligations​​$60,400,000
Capital Operating Expenses​$20,000,000​
​Project Management Expenses$20,000,000​
​Capital Seed Fund​$10,000,000
Land / Reserves​​$25,091,998
Total Projected Capital 2022 Expenditures$976,291,998
*Based on GSU projections
  Expenditure projections subject to change due to scope, schedule, and revenue